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Mr. ANIL A GAJJAR PROPRIETOR OF ANIL ENTERPRISE HAVE 31 YEARS' working experience in foundries and pattern making. We specialize in intricate large & medium size patterns made of teak wood and aluminum as well as shall core dies for high-pressure molding lines & LOOP LINE MOLDING. These also include patterns with matched plate mountings of Wooden Pattern Maker in Gujarat. To this end, we have developed a complete infrastructure consisting of in-house facilities for machining and related instrumentation to assure dimensional accuracy and tolerances aluminium pattern maker in Gujarat. We have VMC vertical machining centers specially equipped to meet our pattern-making requirements.

A highly skilled and purposely trained employees base backs up this physical infrastructure to deliver the most accurate patterns.

We design patterns working with the customer or their designated foundry to meet the customer's exacting standards of pattern and engineering in Gujarat. We put considerable emphasis on accuracy and timely delivery of patterns. A system of FINAL inspection of modules/components at Anil Enterprise. Our pattern making ensures accuracy and eliminates possibilities of error in structuring the patterns/cores.

The Following Is The List Of Industries For Whom We Work:

  1. Various Valves And Components
  2. All Types Gear Box Components
  3. Automotive Components (Castings) And Hand Molding Machines
  4. Injection Molding Machines
  5. Machine Tools
  6. Wind Turbines / Wind Mill
  7. Glass Moulding Machine Components
  8. Hydraulic Equipment
  9. Heavy Pumps Casing
  10. All Type Of Mining Industries Components (Jaw Crusher/Swing Crusher
  11. All Type Of Impeller And Bowl Components
  12. Steam Turbines/Casing
  13. Pharmaceutical Industry
  14. Moter Body
  15. Cement Industries Components